Plain Bearing

Plain Bearing

Plain Bearing:Engineering plastic generally refers to a new kind of material which possesses series of special characteristics,such as mechanical properties,electrical properties,chemical resistance,heat resistance,anti-wear and size stability etc.Compared the engineering plastic with the metal materials,they take great advantages: easy to be processed; high productive efficiency;light and economical;good insulation, high intensity;abrasion resistance and low friction coefficient;anti-corrosion and no noise,which make it an good substitute for metal materials.
Over years B&B insists on the theory of going on creation and pursuing excellence.Through adding different intensifiers and lubricants, the company develops series of engineering plastic materials while keeping its original characteristics,which are good at mechanical properties and friction appearances.
B&B-EP series of engineering plastics possess characteristics of good sliding, abrasion resistance, expansive operating temperature,high intensity;size stability and anti-corrosion, etc, which make it safe,economic and clean.
B&B-EP make it possible for supplying lighter machine components.
B&B-EP series of material has a unique characteristics of anti-wear and lubrication because the included thermal project plastic, fabric filled material and lubricated rouge have the two excellent features.. Because of the thermal plastic compound material, B&B-EP series of bearing is a crystal structure of high anti-wear capability, and the lubrication grease is equally distributed in this structure.
Another excellence is B&B-EP series of sliding bearing has the function of self-lubricating, and do not need to add the lubricant. But for the metal bearing, the use life will end as soon as the lubricant is run out. The most pivotal moment for any bearing is to start up, while, the lubricate velum hasn't formed but the bearing has been working in dry, which is he frequent circumstance.
As soon as the bearing works under the load, it will be lightly worn. During the starting moment, when it is sufficiently worn, the small fray grain will filled the outside surface of the shaft, then forms the excellent surface. But after starting up, the slight ray will be decreased rapidly. Those will not affect the size. And during the continuous working after starting up, the fray rate is small and stable. The function of self-lubricating of EP series bearing is completely different from the capability of the metal bearing with thin plastic coating. For the EP bearing, the lubricant only plays the role of support. During the dry running, the thermal plastic material and compound fibre show excellent sliding and anti-wear capability. Lubricant can decrease the friction, and the above two capabilities are more improved.
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